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  • Richard Shuttleworth

Everyman Northallerton Treadmills Open and Trading!

The new 4 screen Everyman cinema has now opened at Northallerton Treadmills - just in time for the launch of Barbie and Oppenheimer! Treadmills is the leisure and retail redevelopment of the former prison site in the town and so named as in the 1800's it had the largest treadmill for "hard labour" prisoners to grind corn and flour as part of their punishment. Now in 2023, there are 3 restaurant opportunities remaining in the scheme, including two brand new units beneath the cinema and a unique 4,000 sqft unit comprised of the former jail building - cell included - with fantastic glass box additions to both the front and rear

to create modern useable space - but with a lot of history. The units at Treadmills also face out onto an open events square, with the programme of events available upon request. Pudney Shuttleworth is advising North Yorkshire Council and Wykeland jointly with WSB. Please call Richard Shuttleworth or Will Hepplewhite for further information.

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